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New Album Release: The sound of beauty

Elina`s great love for singing started with classical music and there was a great desire to share with everyone these wonderful works. Bright, diverse, delightful, the virtuoso and sometimes gloomy beauty of Elina`s chosen works ignites in the soul the desire to live just like music sounds.

Album Out Now

The Sound of Beauty - Elina Nechayeva CD Album

New Single: “PLAN€T-B”

We don’t have planet B or another home somewhere far away in the sky if we destroy this one. There is only one planet Earth! Let’s take care of our beautiful green planet and each other, because WE ARE ONE!”


A new song from Eesti Laul 2022

I believe in the power of love that never will die. We are survivors in different times and our souls are made to light up the sky like a day after night.

“La Forza”

The most powerful force in this world is love. “La Forza” is about a great eternal love that gives us wings, helps us soar to the most incredible heights, and illuminates our journey through life. “I found inspiration for the lyrics in my own heart, and I hope that everyone looking inside their soul will find the light of love shining there. The darkness can hide flowers from our sight but cannot hide love from our soul.”

“La Forza” was Elina Nechayeva’s first single, released in the autumn of 2017. The song won the 2018 Estonian Song Contest overwhelmingly, and the same year, Elina represented Estonia at the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon, where she sang the song and placed eighth.

“La voce dell’alba”

Have you heard what the sea breeze whispers and the waves say in the glow of dawn? The song “Voice of the Dawn” was born of a desire to see our society and nature as a harmonious whole and notice Estonia’s beautiful bogs, forests, and sea — all of which need preservation and care.

“To the Mother”
– Peeter Vähi

Peeter Vähi’s work “To the Mother” was originally for the oboe. However, during a delightful meeting between the song’s composer and maestro Neeme Järvi, they established the idea of replacing the solo instrument with vocals. The work is about longing for one’s closest person — one’s mother.

Volcano Man from the film “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga”

The song “Volcano Man” can be heard in the film Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, which was released on Netflix in the summer of 2020. The artists featured in the movie, including Elina, were tasked with performing the song in their individual styles.

“Der Hölle Rache” – Mozart

In addition to her own music, Elina enjoys performing classical music and performing in operas and operettas.

“O mio babbino caro” – Puccini

In 2014, Elina participated in the TV competition Classical Stars, where she placed second. The show put the wind in her sails, making it possible for her to sing all over Estonia and also participate in interesting projects abroad. For the popular melody in the second episode, Elina chose the aria “O mio babbino caro,” from Puccini’s one-act opera Gianni Schicchi.